Face is a set of three gently differently shaped fixed cabinet knobs or wall hooks. They are irregular in shape but share the dimensions and the flat, polished front face.

The Face knobs are intentionally designed to create a sense of natural variation. They break the typical repetition created in the application of interior fittings.

“When they are fixed they are always ‘wrong’ always right. They are also inviting and tactile to touch and they add a small visual twist to your kitchen or wardrobe wall,” says Ola Rune.

The Face knobs were designed and are still marketed in brass for the famous Swedish manufacturer Skultuna – one of the oldest companies in the world, founded in the year 1607 as a brass foundry by King Karl IX. Skultuna manufactures the Face Alu in aluminium for Smaller Objects exclusively.

Delivered with screws for both cabinet door and wall mounting.

Made in Sweden.

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