“James Irvine (1958-2013) was a very dear friend and early inspiration of Claesson Koivisto Rune. He showed us that working as a designer in Milan, the world’s design capital, was possible also for a non-Italian. Early on he moved permanently from London to Milan and established himself as one of the world’s leading product designers. But one thing he never left was his huge British sense of humour.” Says Mårten Claesson. And continues:

“It is with great pride that we can help present to the world a product not just designed by James Irvine and never before put into production, but one of his first designs ever.”

Marialaura Rosiello Irvine, 2017:
”Luman is a reversible candlestick that’s been sitting on a shelf at home for twenty-five years. It kept us company, it keeps me company.

Its rediscovery on the shelves of Alessio Sarri, the renowned Florentine ceramicist experimenter, brought it back to life.

Luman is tough: it can hold one, two or three candles, depending on how acrobatic it is feeling. A humanised object that makes you smile, typical of James.”

Made in Italy.

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