Kyoto is a small incense burner made out of blackened, sand-cast iron that includes a recess for storing one incense box.

David Chipperfield said that the appearance of the burner is quite raw and that the incense sticks and their boxes are completely handmade in one of his favourite shops in Kyoto.

It is a limited edition of 250 pieces and each burner comes with four boxes with different scents of incense. Both the burner and the incense sticks are handmade and stand for traditional craftsmanship.

The minimal, uneven surface of the sand-cast iron burner, together with the slightly different incenses, gives an impression of the handmade processes and imbues a kind of uniqueness to each item.

The inherent imperfections resulting from the manufacturing processes give the product a kind of unadorned beauty and a deeply tactile quality rooted in the human scale.

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