In the typical 19th century wood-burning iron stove the size of the hotplates was adjustable by a set of rings. The stove – and its rings – was entirely made in blackened cast iron, an ideal material. Blackened sand-cast iron is still an ideal material to place hot cooking pots on, heat enduring and forgiving for heat and grease stains.

“With this pair of trivets we wanted to pay homage to the old iron stove, still today present in many old country houses in Sweden”, says Mårten Claesson.

The inner plate rests in the outer ring. If you need a second trivet lift the plate aside and you have two, one trivet for the frying pan and one for the saucepan.

Sand casted and hand finished in the forge. Then hot blackened, finished with oil dipping, to add a mild corrosion resistance. Very much the same process as blacksmiths have used for centuries. Hence, imperfections are not to be considered a mistake but the inherent beauty of the product – the grainy surface tells the tale of the casting process.

Made in Czech Republic.

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